Trostan: A Longer but More Enjoyable Approach

This would be my fourth visit to Trostan, the County High Point (CHP) of Antrim.  The most common approaches are from the west and south, via a short detour off the Moyle Way/Ulster Way. These are known for being perpetually wet and laborious though and have given Trostan a bad rep. This time I was accompanying my … Continue reading Trostan: A Longer but More Enjoyable Approach

Ireland County High Point Round-up

Top image: On the summit of Sawel, Derry/Tyrone This Summer I completed a challenge which took me almost eight years: getting to the highest point of each of Ireland's 32 counties. It's been a fantastic journey all around the island, with new friends made along the way. Below are some musings and images for each of the … Continue reading Ireland County High Point Round-up