Cycling in Galloway, Scotland: Photo Blog (A Year Late)

In September 2015 I spent a very enjoyable few days cycling in the Galloway region (specifically its western half) of southwest Scotland. It's taken a year but here are some highlights in photos. It's a stunning and very underrated area, probably overlooked in favour of the Highlands and Islands, but ideal for a cycling break with its quiet … Continue reading Cycling in Galloway, Scotland: Photo Blog (A Year Late)

Slieve Beagh: Umpteenth Visit

This large expanse of upland bog straddling Counties Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone isn't very popular with walkers. Those few who visit likely only do so because of the recent interest in bagging Ireland's County High Points; Slieve Beagh is home to the highest point in Monaghan. I've been going there before it was cool, though. I recall becoming slightly intrigued by … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Umpteenth Visit

Ireland County High Point Round-up

Top image: On the summit of Sawel, Derry/Tyrone This Summer I completed a challenge which took me almost eight years: getting to the highest point of each of Ireland's 32 counties. It's been a fantastic journey all around the island, with new friends made along the way. Below are some musings and images for each of the … Continue reading Ireland County High Point Round-up