2019: A Look Back in Images Part 1

I’ve neglected this blog once again, mainly for reasons relating to my move to Scotland earlier in the year. 

Hopefully I’ll get to post a bit more often in 2020 but for now here’s a look back at some of the places I’ve been during 2019, namely Ireland, Scotland, England and Poland. 

Top image: looking towards Slieve Binnian during a rest stop in the Mourne Mountains, County Down in March


A January shot taken close to home, from the Hill of The O’Neill in Dungannon, County Tyrone. Looking southeast towards the distant Cooley Mountains and Camlough Mountain. 

Sunset over the River Blackwater, which straddles Counties Armagh and Tyrone, during my first cycle (of a grand total of two) of 2019.

A couple of shots from a very enjoyable visit to County Wicklow on Ireland’s east coast. Top: walking along the coastal path, towards Wicklow Town. Bottom: standing next to the ‘Pyramid of Arklow’, a fascinating, late 18th century mausoleum. 

Divis Mountain, Belfast.jpg
A view over Belfast City and Lough from Divis Mountain, taken on a 10km looped hike in February.

IMG_20190303_012615_909 (1)
IMG_20190303_012615_903 (1)
Beautiful Russian Orthodox church near where I stayed in Chiswick, west London in early March.

view from The Monument
Views of the River Thames and City of London skyline from the top of The Monument.

Exploring Cove Cave in the Mourne Mountains, County Down during the same hike pictured in the top image.


Some sights from an unexpected return visit to one of my favourite cities, Wrocław in Poland. It was formerly the German city of Breslau and I read a fantastic, if heartbreaking account of the 1945 Siege of Breslau after returning home. 

Desccending Carnanelly in the Sperrin Mountains, County Tyrone on the Omagh & Sperrins Walking Festival (23 March). Read more.

The imposing Forth Chapel or St. Macartan’s in the Clogher Valley, County Tyrone. It was the setting for a story by 19th century Irish writer William Carleton and bears a plaque to locally born John Joseph Hughes, who would become the first Catholic Archbishop of New York, in 1850.

Glenlark River, Sperrin Mountains, Count Tyrone
A return to the Sperrin Mountains in April, for a walk through lonely Glenlark Forest. Read more.

Overlooking Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park and University on my first visit of the year to Scotland (I was lured in by a few days of glorious spring weather).

Peatlands Park (2)
Peatlands Park
Peatlands Park (1)
A trio of images of Peatlands Park, County Armagh taken on different dates during May. It’s the main place I walk our family dog, Monty, when I’m home.

See Part 2 of my 2019 review or check out my Instagram account for more images.

5 thoughts on “2019: A Look Back in Images Part 1

  1. Wow, some of those events seem such a long time ago, particularly the walking festival. It’s been a busy year. Glad to see you’ve resurrected the blog.

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