Jordan: A Dash through Petra

In my round-up of top treks during 2016 I mentioned a visit to the World Heritage Site of Petra in Jordan. I finally got round to pulling together some images a while ago. (My handy official map guide to the site turned up during a spot of spring cleaning this week, which spurred on this … Continue reading Jordan: A Dash through Petra

2016 Hikes & Cycles in Review: Part 1

I've been meaning for a while to add a 'year in review' post with photos from my hikes and cycles during 2016.  As well as trips within Ireland, these include excursions in mainland Europe, Asia and the US during my voluntary redundancy-funded travels earlier this year. Many of these were short, urban trips or hikes/cycles at tourist attractions. I … Continue reading 2016 Hikes & Cycles in Review: Part 1