10 Places I’d Love to Revisit (Part 1: Europe)

I've had itchy feet pretty much the whole time since I got back from my voluntary redundancy-funded travels around the world (well, the Northern Hemisphere anyway) during 2016. I'm hoping to fit in a mini trip in the next few months if circumstances allow. In the meantime, I thought I'd pull together a list of … Continue reading 10 Places I’d Love to Revisit (Part 1: Europe)

Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

I thought I'd pull myself away from the hilarious online commentary on the UK General Election and add a post on one of my favourite local places to visit. Tullyhogue Fort is one of the most important sites in medieval Irish history. ┬áIt's also a beautiful and tranquil viewpoint that's been made a lot more … Continue reading Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

Jordan: A Dash through Petra

In my round-up of top treks during 2016 I mentioned a visit to the World Heritage Site of Petra in Jordan. I finally got round to pulling together some images a while ago. (My handy official map guide to the site turned up during a spot of spring cleaning this week, which spurred on this … Continue reading Jordan: A Dash through Petra