Back in the Sperrins 1: Reliving the Flight of the Earls

I've been neglecting this blog once again so thought I'd post some photos from a couple of recent hikes in the Sperrin Mountains. The first was part of the Omagh and Sperrins Walking Festival and led by outdoors adventure providers Far and Wild.  Top image: Our group descending the summit of Carnanelly with a view … Continue reading Back in the Sperrins 1: Reliving the Flight of the Earls

First Hike of 2018: Mullaghclogher via Father Devine’s Well

It's become something of a minor tradition (it started in 2016/17) that my first and last hikes of the year take place in the Sperrins, my nearest mountain range. The target for my opening hike of 2018 was a small man-made landmark high up in the hills, known as Father Devine's Well. My walking companion … Continue reading First Hike of 2018: Mullaghclogher via Father Devine’s Well

Snow in the Sperrins, Christmas 2017: Mullaghsallagh

I always like to fit in a hike in the days after Christmas and it often ends up being in the Sperrins, my closest mountain range. This year's excursion wasn't the most ambitious but gave some magical views, thanks to an impressive and unexpected covering of snow on the higher ground. Top image: Looking back on … Continue reading Snow in the Sperrins, Christmas 2017: Mullaghsallagh

Sperrins: Circuit of Altbritain Forest

I revisted my 'locals', the Sperrin Mountains, recently to walk a circuit I'd first troddden several years ago.  Altbritain Forest is a southerly offshoot of the huge Banagher Forest and runs most of the way up Mullaghaneany, the third highest peak in the range at 627m.  Top image: Looking down over Altbritain and Banagher Forests … Continue reading Sperrins: Circuit of Altbritain Forest

Sperrin Foothills: Knockavoe

On the way home from my recent trip to County Donegal, I veered off at Strabane to tackle a little known hill that had been on my radar for years. Although relatively modest in height at 296m, shapely Knockavoe dominates the town to the east and promised wide-ranging views over Tyrone and Donegal. Top image: … Continue reading Sperrin Foothills: Knockavoe

Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

I thought I'd pull myself away from the hilarious online commentary on the UK General Election and add a post on one of my favourite local places to visit. Tullyhogue Fort is one of the most important sites in medieval Irish history.  It's also a beautiful and tranquil viewpoint that's been made a lot more … Continue reading Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

Slieve Beagh: Three Counties and Countless Frogs

Slieve Beagh is often maligned by hillwalkers for being bleak, featureless and generally hard work, but I've had a soft spot for it since my first visit back in 2009. I returned to this extensive area of blanket bog, gentle peaks and hidden loughs at the weekend, to walk a route I'd wanted to try for a long time: … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Three Counties and Countless Frogs

Sperrins Photo Blog: Vinegar Hill Loop

Once again I stayed relatively close to home for this hike, which happened to fall on my birthday. The Vinegar Hill Loop in County Tyrone is one of a small number of waymarked routes in the heart of the Sperrin Mountains. It's largely on farm tracks with sections on public but quiet roads. I hadn't walked it before but had … Continue reading Sperrins Photo Blog: Vinegar Hill Loop

Sperrins: Lough Ouske to Lough Lark

I stayed close(ish) to home for my final hike of 2016, with another visit to the Sperrins in my native Tyrone. We chose a linear route on the southern side of the Glenelly Valley, starting with a visit to Lough Ouske, one of the biggest bodies of water in the range.  Top image: Canice enjoying the view … Continue reading Sperrins: Lough Ouske to Lough Lark

Sperrins in the Snow: Carnanelly

With the recent snowfall over high ground, I decided to take a midweek trip to the Sperrin Mountains, having not been able to get out at the weekend. The initial plan was to walk a couple of the eastern summits, but on reaching Draperstown I was underwhelmed by the amount of white stuff on these hills.  Instead I continued west towards … Continue reading Sperrins in the Snow: Carnanelly