Crockacleaven Lough, Slieve Beagh, County Tyrone

Slieve Beagh: Crocknagrally Forest Loop (and Detours)

Seeing as our current lockdown restrictions don't include travel limits for exercise, I took a spin down to the Slieve Beagh area last Sunday for a change of scene and a longer walk than my usual, local routes. I've walked in this quiet area for many years, including approaching the highest ground from all three … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Crocknagrally Forest Loop (and Detours)

Slieve Beagh: Three Counties and Countless Frogs

Slieve Beagh is often maligned by hillwalkers for being bleak, featureless and generally hard work, but I've had a soft spot for it since my first visit back in 2009. I returned to this extensive area of blanket bog, gentle peaks and hidden loughs at the weekend, to walk a route I'd wanted to try for a long time: … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Three Counties and Countless Frogs

Slieve Beagh: Umpteenth Visit

This large expanse of upland bog straddling Counties Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone isn't very popular with walkers. Those few who visit likely only do so because of the recent interest in bagging Ireland's County High Points; Slieve Beagh is home to the highest point in Monaghan. I've been going there before it was cool, though. I recall becoming slightly intrigued by … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Umpteenth Visit