Crockacleaven Lough, Slieve Beagh, County Tyrone

Slieve Beagh: Crocknagrally Forest Loop (and Detours)

Seeing as our current lockdown restrictions don't include travel limits for exercise, I took a spin down to the Slieve Beagh area last Sunday for a change of scene and a longer walk than my usual, local routes. I've walked in this quiet area for many years, including approaching the highest ground from all three … Continue reading Slieve Beagh: Crocknagrally Forest Loop (and Detours)

Sperrin Mountains

Hudy’s Way (Aborted Walk, Pleasant While it Lasted)

I thought I'd put up a quick post following my walk yesterday as I'm aware that this blog has become a series of occasional round-ups. I had a day off and seeing as my original plans were thwarted by Covid-19, headed for the Sperrin Mountain foothills... specifically in the eastern Sperrins since the western end … Continue reading Hudy’s Way (Aborted Walk, Pleasant While it Lasted)

Back in the Sperrins 2: Glenlark Forest

I enjoyed revisiting the Sperrin Mountains during the walking festival covered in my previous post, so paid another visit two weeks later. On this occasion we explored one of the biggest areas of forestry in the range, Glenlark Forest. It wasn't the longest or most dramatic of hikes but it's always good to tread new … Continue reading Back in the Sperrins 2: Glenlark Forest

Sperrin Foothills: Knockavoe

On the way home from my recent trip to County Donegal, I veered off at Strabane to tackle a little known hill that had been on my radar for years. Although relatively modest in height at 296m, shapely Knockavoe dominates the town to the east and promised wide-ranging views over Tyrone and Donegal. Top image: … Continue reading Sperrin Foothills: Knockavoe