Sperrin Mountains

Hudy’s Way (Aborted Walk, Pleasant While it Lasted)

I thought I'd put up a quick post following my walk yesterday as I'm aware that this blog has become a series of occasional round-ups. I had a day off and seeing as my original plans were thwarted by Covid-19, headed for the Sperrin Mountain foothills... specifically in the eastern Sperrins since the western end … Continue reading Hudy’s Way (Aborted Walk, Pleasant While it Lasted)

Sperrins: Circuit of Altbritain Forest

I revisted my 'locals', the Sperrin Mountains, recently to walk a circuit I'd first troddden several years ago.  Altbritain Forest is a southerly offshoot of the huge Banagher Forest and runs most of the way up Mullaghaneany, the third highest peak in the range at 627m.  Top image: Looking down over Altbritain and Banagher Forests … Continue reading Sperrins: Circuit of Altbritain Forest

Crockbrack Way (and a bit of Hudy’s Way)

Needing a midweek mountain fix to clear the head, I drove to the Sperrins to walk the Crockbrack Way. This circular route is one of a number of new/upgraded trails launched in 2015 to help open up the eastern Sperrins area to walkers and visitors. It largely follows long-existing tracks, with a good stretch over open mountain in … Continue reading Crockbrack Way (and a bit of Hudy’s Way)