On the Antrim Hills Way

I've been wanting to hike more waymarked trails and got a chance recently on part of the Antrim Hills Way.  This mostly off-road route runs for 35kms / 22 miles between the coastal village of Glenarm and the iconic, standalone Slemish, famous for its association with Saint Patrick. Top image: A zoomed in view of … Continue reading On the Antrim Hills Way

Donegal: Around Falcarragh

I recently spent a few very enjoyable days in northwest County Donegal, in a Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) part of Ireland's rugged Atlantic coast. A highlight was visiting the small village of Falcarragh and exploring some of the surrounding sights, including its long sandy beach. Top image: Walkers (and an angler) on Falcarragh Beach First, though, … Continue reading Donegal: Around Falcarragh

Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

I thought I'd pull myself away from the hilarious online commentary on the UK General Election and add a post on one of my favourite local places to visit. Tullyhogue Fort is one of the most important sites in medieval Irish history.  It's also a beautiful and tranquil viewpoint that's been made a lot more … Continue reading Midweek Retreat: Tullyhogue Fort

Unfinished Business Part 2: Slieve League

Two days after tackling lowly Cairngaver in County Down, I revisted another hill that had previously defeated me: Slieve League on the rugged southwest coast of Donegal. I first attempted Slieve League back in 2007 but it was a half-assed, hungover attempt following a night out in nearby Killybegs. Top image: Couldn't resist this photo … Continue reading Unfinished Business Part 2: Slieve League

Jordan: A Dash through Petra

In my round-up of top treks during 2016 I mentioned a visit to the World Heritage Site of Petra in Jordan. I finally got round to pulling together some images a while ago. (My handy official map guide to the site turned up during a spot of spring cleaning this week, which spurred on this … Continue reading Jordan: A Dash through Petra

Bastions and Border-Hopping in Berwick: Part 2

In my previous post, I told of my excitement (odd, some might say) at taking a day trip to the English border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed during a recent visit to friends in Edinburgh. I recounted how we walked the majority of the town's Elizabethan defensive walls, visited the lighthouse at the mouth of the River Tweed and … Continue reading Bastions and Border-Hopping in Berwick: Part 2

Bastions and Border-Hopping in Berwick: Part 1

During my recent visit to Edinburgh, we took a day trip to a town that had long intrigued me: Berwick-upon-Tweed, just across the border in the English county of Northumberland. I've always been fascinated by borders and Berwick is the ultimate frontier town, famously changing hands between England and Scotland numerous times up until 1482 when the … Continue reading Bastions and Border-Hopping in Berwick: Part 1

Hills of Edinburgh: Calton Hill and Blackford Hill

I visited friends in beautiful Edinburgh for a few days last week and took the opportunity to head up a couple of the city's hills.  I'd been up them before on previous visits but's it's such a stunning city, both architecturally and setting-wise, that I was happy to fit in some exercise and take in the … Continue reading Hills of Edinburgh: Calton Hill and Blackford Hill

Sligo: The Caves of Kesh / Keshcorran

I visited beautiful County Sligo at the weekend for a catch-up with friends and got to  do a hike that had been on my list for years. The intriguing Caves of Kesh (or Keash) are a series of gaping holes set in limestone cliffs part way up Keshcorran hill near Ballymote. I'd first seen them during … Continue reading Sligo: The Caves of Kesh / Keshcorran

Macedonia: Vodno Mountain Hike and Cable Car

In my review of my most memorable hikes and cycles of 2016, I included Vodno Mountain which overlooks Macedonia's capital, Skopje. It was such a worthwhile experience, and I took so many photos, that I thought I'd cover it in a post of its own. Sadly I only had one day in this little known (to people in my … Continue reading Macedonia: Vodno Mountain Hike and Cable Car